Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quid, I love you, but Bon Jovi and Roger Miller??

Until tonight, I never thought of myself as a music snob. After viewing Quid's choices of music videos, I felt compelled to post my own.

UPDATE! I've just been informed Quid's choices had a theme of Summertime. LOL! I missed it because I was too busy thinking, "These are awful! I didn't know George Benson could be boring!"

Quid, sometimes it's best to forgo the themes and pay attention to the music! Besides, mine were all recorded DURING the Summertime! (I just made that up.)

Okay, I AM a music snob.

In the category of - (Sigh) I wish I had been there that night!

In the category of jazz -

In the category of a performance from long ago -

In the category of this isn't a live perfomance, but it's as sexy as music can get -


Kelly said...

Okay, DS...I voted for "oh lord, is it hot in here?" assuming that's what went with that last clip. MMMmmm, that was nice!!

Bobby Darin comes in second with Mack the Knife.

quid said...


See, you missed the point (but I loved your music...Brooks & Dunn with ZZ!). All three of my songs were "Summertime"!!!!


CleverBlueEyed1 said...

LOL!! They were "Summertime"?? No they weren't, they were God awful. Quid, sometimes it's best to pay attention to the music and forgo a theme. PLEASE!

CleverBlueEyed1 said...

Kelly, I redid the poll to allow multiple choices.

Pam said...

You insulted Bon Jovi so I put a pox on you! LOL!

I'm anything BUT a music snob; I'm a music slut.

CleverBlueEyed1 said...

No, really, I insulted Quid for mentioning Bon Jovi! LOL!

Bon Jovi has their well deserved place in the music world. I would never suggest that be taken away from them.

However, I feel they belong to the thirty/forty-something year olds who were in their teens when they first heard Bon Jovi. That doesn't mean we can't enjoy them, it just means Quid and I would have stood out at that concert. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe not.

Kelly said...

I couldn't stop thinking about that song I heard here (Europa). So..... after listening to it AGAIN, I went to iTunes and downloaded it. I checked out Carlos Santana's rendition, but decided to stick with Gato Barbieri's.

Heavenly!! (I'm listening as I type)

quid said...

I'm keeping my music themes, girlie. Soon I'll have a creative moment or three and come up with a grouping that'll make you think... what the hell was she thinking?


Donna said...

Kelly, I'm so glad you liked Europa! One of my absolute favorites. It wouldn't surprise me if Carlos Santana agreed with us about Gato Barbieri. Rarely does someone perfect the original!